truvia - paid social
Creative Director: Jonathan Schuster
Art Director: Olivia Zange
Copywriter: Casey Nelson

Photographer: Jimmy Eagle
Food Stylist: Kari Setterholm
Prop Stylist: D'ette Roberts

Agency: Public Works
Truvia Paid Social is a quarterly program that focuses on New Recipes that drive to the website and Inspirational shots that drive to Amazon. With four social shoots a year this also allows us to explore new creative styles and approaches with Truvia as well as staying on top of trends and relevancy. My goal when I started with Truvia was to bring more life, color and engagement into these assets. Over the past year I've worked add warmth, playful props and mid-moment spreads, as well as a new, multi-use approach to Recipes.
The seasonal paid social program performs so well that the media team has opted to create digital display using the social creative for FY24.
recipe process
In the last year, I've worked to integrate 3-step recipe shots that beautifully showcase the use of product and engaging movements. As budgets have movement around this has supplied us with a library of shots that we can use to not only talk about recipes but larger categories like Holiday Baking, Cocktails and Icing Decoration. 
recipe stills
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