truvia - brand campaign
Creative Director: Jonathan Schuster
Art Director: Olivia Zange
Copywriter: Casey Nelson

Photographer: Jimmy Eagle
Food Stylist: Kari Setterholm
Prop Stylist: D'ette Roberts

Agency: Public Works
FY24 is the 3rd generation of the Truvia's Sweetness Revolution Campaign.  The previous year the campaign focused on "revealing" the new packaging as well as recipes made with Truvia. This year I worked to expand what it means to "reveal" Truvia and created an approach that celebrates Everyday Sweetness Moments created with Truvia. This is an integrated campaign including OTT, CTV, Print, Digital and Social. I both concepted, planned and directed a 3 day shoot and worked in tandem with post-production partners.
For the video portion of this campaign we created 13 original videos ranging in length from :06 - :30 for Square, Vertical and Wide Screen. Below is a small selection of the videos, to view all videos visit the Truvia youtube page.
:30 everyday sweetness brand spot
:15 spots
:06 square crop spots
A large part of the capture plan included a variety of recipe and seasonal stills for Print Ads. Through these we explored showcases taste appeal through recipe images and top down tablescapes that demonstrate Everyday Sweetness moments with Truvia.
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